We care where our stuff is made!

It’s officially called 'corporate social responsibility', but for us it‘s the basis of our attitude towards the world around us. Long before this topic became a popular subject, we were interested in our influence on the environent, on the people we work with, and where and how our products are made.

We want to know not only who sells our product, but also who made them and how they are made. Pavel Kubíček, the Horsefeathers co-founder, is in charge of production. He’s an avid snowboarder and skater. Our products are made in many factories around the world and Pavel has spent months on factory floors working with factory owners and workers. We need to know that the working conditions for the people making our snowboard jackets and pants are a safe and positive environment. Over the years we have established friendly ties with our producers and most of them have visited us in our Headquarters in Pilsen. Being from the town that produces the best beer in the world helps, too. If you are interested in this topic, don’t hesitate contact us.


Horsefeathers starts as a High-School project in British Columbia, Canada.


Hanus Salz, one of the original Horsefeathers crew moves to Pilsen, CZ where he meets Pavel Kubicek. Together they start Horsefeathers Clothing.


The first Horsefeathers shop, the only pure snowboard and skate shop in the city of Pilsen opens in December ’95.


The first full line of technical outerwear is launched for the ’97/’98 Winter season.


Two months of riding the best mountains in the US North West and Canadian British Columbia make for the best trip ever and give base to further develop the brand.


Second Horsefeathers snowboard and skate shop opens in Brno to fill a gap on the market.


International distribution of Horsefeathers Clothing gets a push through the first attendance at ISPO Munich and the following new sales locations.


The legendary Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam and Horsefeathers SuperPark Dachstein and Planai projects kick off.


A new global team setup is announced with Eiki Helgason, Tyler Chorlton, Mans Hedberg, Antti Jussila and others coming together to ride, have fun and progress Horsefeathers Clothing presence.